The Preschool Class
3’s and 4’s

We work hard to nurture the preschoolers natural curiosity of the world around them while teaching them their “ABC's and 123’s”!  Weekly themes provide an open door to taste, smell, see, touch, and hear some of the fun things that God has made, such as farm animals, fruits and vegetables, and our bodies!   We try to use all of our senses while learning our ABCs by shaping the letters with play dough, tasting foods that begin with the letters we’re focusing on, and singing our letters and sounds while moving our bodies.  While learning our 123’s we continue to use our senses to count how many cheerios fit in a circle and then seeing what if feels like to eat that many, and using our fingers to see what numbers feel like when we write them in shaving cream! . We love to explore new ways for these little ones to do more than just worksheets, but to experience and learn about the world around them by doing activities that will give each preschooler a love for learning!

This class always has the wiggles and the giggles!
a little about our class...
Favorite Activities
Snack time
Outdoor play
Field trips to the park

Favorite Foods
Mini Corn Dogs
PB & J Sandwiches

Favorite Songs
Rainbow of Colors
Going on a Bear Hunt
Jump into the Light