Pre-Kindergarten Class
4’s and 5’s

Our Pre-K teachers work together to provide a loving environment as well as a strong academic foundation that MPCS has become known for.  Our parents have come to love and appreciate the head start that their children have gained in preparation for Kindergarten.  Using the Abeka curriculum, and the years of experience our teachers have, many of our students end the year strong in the academic areas of phonics and writing. Most of them even end the year by reading! 

But of course it’s not only phonics and writing that our Pre-Kinders focus on.  Our teachers incorporate Bible time, math, science, art, outdoor play and music into the daily schedule while weaving the weekly theme into each subject.  Parents can always listen for an increasing vocabulary in these Pre-Kinders as they experiment in the “science lab”, creating new “hypothesis” and making great “observations”.  Our Pre-K teachers do all that they can to prep their students for a life long love of learning!   

Getting ready for Kindergarten!
a little about our classes...

Favorite Activities
Outdoor play

Favorite Foods
Chocolate Ice Cream

Favorite Songs
Treasure Quest
Heidi Songs
Going on a Bear Hunt