Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten is when all of our preschool fun and learning combine with a more structured traditional learning setting.  MPCS Kindergarten has gained a reputation for academic excellence!  Our Kindergarten class follows the A Beka curriculum, teaching them cursive writing as well as printing!  Kindergarten students end the school year strong in reading and reading comprehension, often reading above Kindergarten level.  A Bible verse is memorized for each letter of the alphabet and hidden in their hearts for years to come.  Our small class setting gives each student the individual attention they need to reach their learning goals. 

Some of the highlights of the year include the annual Kindergarten Tea Party, 100 Day, starring in lead roles in MPCS’s Christmas musical, and a field trip out to pick strawberries! 

Getting ready for first grade!
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Favorite Activities
Outdoor play

Favorite Foods
Hot Dogs